Senior Spotlight: Cole Lockey


After high school, Cole Lockey (23) plans on attending Summit Flight Training at the Greeley Airport to earn his private pilot license. Following that he plans on moving to Fort Myers, Florida, to attend ATP Aviation Program to complete his commercial pilot license.

Lockey’s Summit Flight Training will last five to eight months long, then he plans on moving to Florida, where his sister currently resides. “I want to be a private pilot for a friend and be a flight instructor, which is how I am planning on building my 1500 hours of flight time to move to an actual flying airline. Once I have all my licenses and hours earned I want to be a cargo pilot for a company such as FedEx or UPS,” he said.

At Eaton High School, Lockey plays golf, basketball, and high jumps for the track and field team. To Lockey, excellence is the most important word of the EATON acronym as “it makes you strive to always do your best, to try to reach excellence. It is important to show excellence in everything you do whether it’s school, sports, or work because it makes you stand out from everyone,” he said. Being a senior, Lockey is a role model for underclassmen at EHS. “The importance of being a good leader in my school is to set a good example for underclassmen so they fill the role when we leave and teach the next underclassmen coming in,” said Lockey.

Lockey will leave behind an incredible legacy at EHS from being athletically and academically inclined. But, he wants people to remember “that I was kind, a friend, and was dedicated to my work and that I was a good role model for underclassmen and always tried to make the best of everything.”

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