Senior Spotlight: Avril Rodriguez


After high school, Avril Rodriguez (23) plans on attending Grand Canyon University to major in pre-medicine and minor in medial psychology. Throughout high school she was a part of FCCLA, Key Club, and student council. She played volleyball, swam for the EHS swim team, and was a member of the EHS track and field team. Rodriguez said, “I am very passionate about spending time with my family and friends before moving to college and enjoying the time I have with them.”

To Rodriguez, awareness is the most important word from the EATON acronym because, “being aware of who you are and who you want to be is very important. Being aware of your actions sets you apart from the wrong people and steers you in the way of people who will contribute to your success,” said Rodriguez.

Enjoy it and take it all in. Go to all the games, meets, and matches. Be apart of everything you can, because before you know it, you’ll have three weeks left of senior year

— Avril Rodriguez

Seniority and leadership come hand in hand, which Rodriguez excels in. “Tying it back to being aware of what you’re doing and your actions, being a leader or senior at our school, all the underclassmen look up to us and in a way copy what we do, setting an example is very important because it turns into a domino effect,” said Rodriguez.

After graduating, Rodriguez wants her legacy to be, “Kindness. Being kind to one another and just being supportive. Being a friendly face in the halls and in the classrooms,” she said.

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