Liza Jo takes the stage

EHS student Teagan Joseph takes her musical talents to the next level


The flyer for Joseph’s concert on the 25th

EHS senior Teagan Joseph is beginning her career in music this March with her very first concert. Her first solo show was in June 2020, when she sang at a church service for a pig show. She is also learning to play the guitar and piano, but she mainly focuses on singing. 

Joseph’s stage name, Liza Jo, came about when she decided to record a record. She needed a stage name that the record company could own. Her middle name is Elizabeth, which is where Liza came from, and she used the first two letters of her last name to complete the stage name.

In December of 2021 she auditioned for three national contests, all of which she was turned down from. Joseph went to show her horse at a stock show, and she was asked to sing the national anthem, which led to her singing the anthem two more times at stock shows. 

She was then interviewed by RFT-TV, a rural broadcasting channel when they heard that she was blind. Joseph said, “If anything, [being blind] has helped a little bit because people have a heart for a little blind girl. It has helped me accept my blindness because of my song “Now I See.” 

She then sang the anthem at the Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards. Sean Patrick, a country music radio show host, told Joseph’s manager that he would like to see her produce an album. She was able to raise enough money to record an album, and the rest is history. 

Lauren Caudle (23), a friend of Joseph’s, said, “Me and Teagan grew up together, and we started singing duet national anthems together sophomore year. Then she started singing solo at bigger places, and when she told me she was going to Nashville to start singing, I thought it was so cool.”

Joseph is also in the process of creating a music video for one of her songs, and members of the community will have a chance to be a part of it. On Friday, Mar. 24, she has invited students to come help film a scene in the music video from 3:30 to 4:00 at Eaton Middle School. On Saturday, Mar. 25, Joseph will hold her very first concert at the same place. The first part of her show will be included in the music video. She has invited everyone to fill the seats and come along on this musical journey with her, and in the second part of the show, she will debut her brand new album as Liza Jo.