Tom Brady retires (for good)

2x retired, 7x Super Bowl Champion

Tom Brady retires (for good)

After 23 years dominating the NFL, quarterback Tom Brady announces his retirement, for the second time. This time however, he says, “for good.” Brady’s first retirement was short-lived, lasting only 40 days during the 2022 off-season. He retired Feb. 1 2022, and announced his return a short 40 days later. 

During his 23 years in the league, Brady won six super bowls with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Along the way, he also set the record for career passing yards (89,214), touchdowns (649), as well as becoming a five time league MVP (most valuable player). Brady put together arguably the most impressive resumes in NFL history. 

His lengthy NFL career has influenced multiple generations of sports fans and players alike. NFL fan Alex Williams (24) said, “Seeing Brady retire is like seeing the end of an era.” With Brady being one of the last of the pro-style QBs in the NFl, the league is now being left in the hands of a new style of quarterback. 

Some of the younger players in the NFL were not even born yet when Brady began his career in the league. The first 12 players drafted in the 2022 draft class were all born after Brady was drafted. On top of that, 13 of the 32 current NFL head coaches are also younger than Brady. 

Although his playing career has come to an end, he doesn’t plan on leaving the pro football world any time soon. Upon retiring, Brady signed a 10-year, 375 million dollar contract with Fox Sports to be a broadcaster/commentator. He is set to make around 40 million dollars more in his 10 years with Fox, than he made from his combined salaries in the NFL over his career. 

Williams says, “I feel like he has a wide knowledge about the sport and he will be a good addition to the fox crew.” There are countless other people in the sports world who are looking forward to seeing Brady from a new angle on Sundays. 

Although Brady’s retirement is the end of a playing era, his new broadcasting career will be the beginning of a new one for many more generations to enjoy.