Twin’s driven by competitiveness

Twins Ceasar Garcia and Cruz Garcia motivate each other to be better


Ceasar Garcia and Cruz Garcia are competitive by nature and constantly compete with each other in sports and life

After fighting for a spot in the womb for nine months, Ceasar and Cruz Garcia (25) carried the competitiveness into their lives. The natural twin beef has only intensified over their 14 years, and they are now competing for things like spots on varsity, who gets better grades, and who gets more girls. 

Coming in as freshmen, the twins battled for playing time during football season. They would go one on one against each other in drills during the week to find who was the alpha twin for that week. Ce. Garcia said,“There is a lot of competitiveness between us, but mainly in sports to see who is better,” Cr. Garcia quickly responded, “Most of the time I’m better, but back to the questions.” 

The twin’s competitiveness created a fun environment for the team in practice throughout the year. The team would hype up their matchup and cheer for whoever won. They helped bring competitive energy to the team and made practice entertaining.

The twin’s battles didn’t stop after football, however. They have now been battling back and forth all of the wrestling season. They are both first-year wrestlers and have been pushing each other to learn and get better. Being at the same weight, though, has created yet another spot for competitiveness in their lives. 

In wrestling, there is only one way to see who is the best, and that is by wrestling a match. Every week, wrestlers at the same weight compete in a mini-tournament to earn the varsity spot. The twins have had to wrestle off nearly every week the whole season. Ce. Cruz said, “I won all of them.” Even though neither was able to beat senior Ryder True (23) for the varsity spot, they still had some good battles with each other, as well as a lot of good JV matches throughout the season. 

Even though they are always competing with each other, they don’t let it come between their strong bond and brotherly love.