Senior Spotlight: Ainslie Ross


After high school, Ainslie Ross (23), plans on attending the University of Wyoming to study kinesiology or pre-physical therapy. At Eaton High School, Ross is involved in National Honor Society (NHS), which she is the president of, she is a LINK leader, plays volleyball, and runs track. Being the president of NHS and a LINK leader, Ross fills positions with many responsibilities. Ross said, “I think it’s important to be a leader so that you can help determine the culture. If you don’t like something in your school, being a leader can help you have a first hand at changing that. Being a leader also sets the mood and shows others how to act, to be kind to others, with the hope that others will follow you.”

As a LINK leader, Ross is very familiar with the EATON acronym. For Ross, tenacity is the most important word. “Tenacity is the most important to me because life is what you make out of it. The work you put into it is what you will get out of it and it is important to work hard, even when you face challenges,” said Ross. After high school, Ross wants to be remembered as a person that always was a hard worker and was kind to others. Leaving behind a legacy will be predominant for Ross, as she holds many positions in the school.

Outside of school, Ross just got a job as a lifeguard at the Eaton Recreational Center. Alongside working, Ross is very passionate about working out and staying motivated for the rest of senior year, “I know it gets hard, but I want to maintain my grades,” said Ross.

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