Eaton regional wrestling ends in victory

Reds do it again, and take home the regional title


Once again the Eaton Reds walk away with the title of regional champions, as they head into the week of state wrestling. On Feb. 10 and 11, the boys took win after win to claim their title as one of the best teams in the state. Beating out second place by over 50 points, the Reds started out strong, and didn’t stop until the last match came to an end. 

During the first day of wrestling, Eaton got off to a strong start and only lost a few matches on the day. They carried their momentum straight into day 2, where they were able to smash their way through the other teams until there was nobody left standing.

At 106 pounds, freshman Blake Hawkins took the mat first, and didn’t disappoint. Winning match after match, Hawkins found himself in the finals by the end of day two. After a tough battle, Hawkins ended his first regional meet in second place, sending him to state as a first year high schooler. 

Hawkins said, “Being on a dominant team has only helped me grow throughout the season…by getting [different] opinions and growing in areas I have struggled in.” The phrase iron sharpens iron is nothing but true with this strong EHS wrestling team. 

Freshman Dylan Paris at 113 pounds took the momentum that his teammate carried before him and used it to his advantage. Taking himself all the way to the finals match, Paris battled his way to a second place finish as well. 

In the 120 pound weight class, another freshman took the mat for Eaton. Louden Kindsfather floated by on day one to prove that he has what it takes to take himself to state. That is just what he did as he placed fourth in the tournament, securing his ticket to the state match. 

At 126 pounds, sophomore Carlos Munoz followed his teammates up with the same energy. Also finding himself in the finals match for his weight, Munoz snagged another second place spot, and will be wrestling at state as well. 

In the 132 pound weight class came Eaton’s first regional champion. Junior Patrick Preston ended the second place streak, and came out swinging. Preston found himself up against the number one seed in the finals match, but didn’t let that intimidate him. Winning by five points, Preston proved his dominance, and put himself in a good position for the state tournament. 

Senior Jake Hergenreter played off of this win, and found himself in the finals match of the 138 weight class. Wrestling the former state champion, Hergenreter knew he would have his work cut out for him and he gave him a tough fight. Placing second in his weight proved him to be one of the best, and booked his ticket to the state finals. 

At 144 pounds, Junior Preston Smith also used the past successes to fuel his game. Wrestling his way to a third place finish in the tournament goes to show that Smith is ready to take on the state tournament as well. 

In the 150 pound weight class another senior found his way into the state conversation. Aiden Juhl battled his way up the rankings, and landed himself into fourth place, making him a state level competitor. 

Junior Jackson Tribbett found his way up his bracket as well in the 157 pound weight class. Tribbett had to face off against some of the best kids in the state, making his competition a little tougher than some. Tribbett didn’t let this get to him as he managed to fight his way into third place in the tournament, securing his spot at state. 

At 165 pounds, Sophomore Brayden Betsworth made a name for himself, and wrestled his way into a fourth place finish. As the top four of each weight class make it to state, Betsworth was able to claim his spot.

In the 175 pound weight class came yet another Eaton Red to claim the title of regional champion. Sophomore Gunnar Clary fought his way through the bracket to land himself in the finals match on day two. Clary showed his dominance in his finals match as well, landing a pin on his opponent, crowning him as the king of his weight class. 

Carrying this momentum brought yet another regional champ from Eaton. Sophomore Cal Sidwell showed his dominance over the 190 pound weight class with a 6-0 win against his opponent in the finals. Both Sidwell and Clary will be able to come into the state competition with a little more confidence over their heads. 

At the 215 pound weight class came another Red that booked his ticket to the state championship. Junior Dawson Fogg snagged a pin to claim third place in the regional tournament, making him state ready.

To wrap up the night, Senior Ryder True battled his way through to the final round, and took the former state champion of the 285 weight class into overtime. Narrowly missing the win, True placed second, and put himself in a good position to take on his opponents at state. 

True said, “After a successful regional match, the Eaton Reds reigned victorious, and will take 14 competitors to the state tournament on Feb. 16, 17, and 18. Eaton will go to state as the returning champions, and will look at continuing that domination and winning another state title.