Registration week at EHS questions a need for change

Registration week at EHS is always stressful, but is there a way to make the process more efficient?

Registration week at EHS takes place every year, where students register for their classes for the next year. The weeks preparing and registering are filled with anxiety for the teacher and the students.

The preparation for registration includes checking each student’s current credit to graduate, receiving all the necessary signatures from teachers and parents that are needed, turning in your final registration forms with all necessary signatures, and registering on Infinite Campus. During the process the original form was deleted that was needed for registration after transferring ownership to Laura Flood. The counselors and advisors are there for student assistance, but the overall process is stressful.

The counselors of EHS have always helped students with registration. Students register for any upcoming classes they would like to take, and their counselors also place students in classes to balance the number of students. Every student’s pathway at EHS is different, and the counselors have always aided in helping students choose the right pathway.

The process for registration this year did not change compared to the process used in previous years. Students check their credits, and a registration form is generated for students to write down their classes and collect signatures. From there, students register directly on Infinite Campus. 

Sophomore advisor Molly Maguire guided sophomores to register this year. This year was especially stressful for teachers and students. Maguire said, “I was a little frustrated, there were so many documents that seemed similar and all needed signatures, so I think we need to streamline this process, and we need to just have one document for everyone to use.” 

There is no doubt that it seems there could be a better route taken to prepare and register students for classes.Many staff and students alike have raised concerns about the process and the stress of the process to register. 

Counselor Kelly Kochevar said, “I feel like we had to push back registration week to give time for advisors and students time to prepare in advising, when we went to classrooms a majority of the students were ready.”

During the registration process the registration form was deleted after trying to transfer ownership of the form. Unfortunately, for many staff and students this caused confusion and unnecessary stress. 

The registration process at EHS always has room for improvement and the counselors always seek to make the process more efficient and less stressful. The counselors at EHS should be appreciated for all the great work they do, but sometimes change must come.