Basketball court set straight

The real truth and errors behind the new EHS (Eaton High School) basketball court

Abiah Randel, Staff Reporter

The previous article published in the quarter one print of the newspaper, about the errors in the gym floor has some errors itself. Not all of the facts about the mistakes on the basketball court came from confirmed sources, which means that some of the information came from what people heard through the grapevine. This is going to clear up any misunderstandings about the basketball court that were put out there.

There were problems with the original basketball court, one of which was that it wasn’t to regulation, but rather, it wasn’t what the school had asked for. The school asked for a college-sized court, which is 94 by 50-feet, but instead, an 84 by 50-foot court was painted. Since there was a ten-foot difference in length, the main basketball hoops had to be moved, too. An engineer had to come back in to adjust the brackets and hoops.

The new company doing the floor set a date that the floor was going to be done, but a sprinkler burst between the main and auxiliary gym, which caused a small setback. This leak forced the use of fans to dry off the parts of the floor that got wet from the water. Some of the floors did warp slightly from the water, but that’s something that will be tended to over summer break along with a couple of minor problems.

Principal Jessica Grable said, “We could play on it. It was totally fine, except it wasn’t what we wanted.” The school and athletic department felt that the gym needed to be redone because it wasn’t what was asked for, even though it met all of the CHSAA requirements for a high school court. There was a volleyball tournament in early September and the season had already started, so fixing the gym had to be pushed back to December. Grable also said, “I struggled with seniors. That’s not fair to take away the court in the middle of the season.” Grable felt that fixing the gym needed to wait until there was a time when it wouldn’t affect any of the sports seasons that would require the use of the gym. The gym and school were new, so Grable wanted to give the seniors the chance to play on the new home court for the first and last time.

In the end, the floor has redone the way that the school had asked for it to be the first time. The boy’s and girls’ basketball teams will be able to finish the season with a home court that was done correctly.