Eaton wrestling hosts alumni night

Eaton wrestling honor the previous alumni of the program during Windsor dual


The Eaton Reds wrestlers not only did well on the mat, but made an impact off of the mat as well, putting on a special performance for the alumni of Eaton wrestling. On Jan 20, 2023, the boys took on Windsor High School at a home dual. This dual wasn’t like the others, however, because it was alumni night at EHS. As a team, they wanted to show their gratitude for the alumni that have wrestled for their small town team, and invited them to come watch the dual and be recognized by the community.

Not only were past Reds wrestlers invited to come watch the dual, they were asked to be recognized, and a slideshow was made to show how much they are cared about from the high school and the community in general. 

Senior Jake Hergenreter said, “I think it’s important to honor past alumni because the program wouldn’t be what it is without them. They laid the stepping stones and helped get us where we are today. Honoring them shows our appreciation towards them as well as strengthens our community. Honoring them gives us a sense of pride getting to represent them and the program on the mat.”

Honoring the alumni of the school only lifts everybody up. The school wanted to show that they weren’t just forgotten about and tossed to the side, but that the program wouldn’t be what it is today without them and the sacrifices that they made. 

Wrestler Patrick Preston (24), who’s father is also an alumni to the program, said, “The reason we are so successful as a team is because of the way our program is formed. Little kids start out in the program and grow up with it. So appreciating the alumni really brings the program full circle and reinforces our relationship with the community.” 

Showing the community and the alumni that the program wouldn’t be as it is without them is a very valuable tribute. Any wrestler that graduates from this program should be proud of what they have not only come from, but what they have helped build for future generations.