Eaton Red Ink welcomes a cartoonist to the staff

Freshman Taylor Krautschun becomes the first freshman cartoonist


When Gabe Holguin Lopez graduated from Eaton High School in 2022, the Eaton Red Ink lost a vital staff member, a cartoonist. Making story images original and creative became a struggle until a replacement was found. After weeks of searching and putting out announcements, a new cartoonist was welcomed to the newsroom.

Freshman Taylor Krautschun was welcomed into the newsroom at the start of the new semester with an applause of excitement. After not having a cartoonist for the first semester, the Eaton Red Ink staff couldn’t have been happier. “I heard it through the announcements and I was really interested. I know I am really good at art and I’ve always wanted to pursue that, so I think this is a good way to start,” said Krautschun.

Drawing since second grade, he wanted to take his skills to the next level. Krautschun’s love for art came from, “this project in class where we had to draw an animal, it was a frog and I liked drawing all the patterns on it, so I just went from there,” said Krautschun. Being the youngest, grade wise, in the student-led class, Krautschun is most excited to get to know the other staff members and their interests.

“I like painting, mostly sketching though. I always have to sketch out things before I fully get into the final product,” said Krautschun. Creating art is more than just a class or a position, but for him it is a passion. Outside of school, finding Krautshun sketching, riding his bike, or doing math is usual.

For the next couple of weeks, stay tuned to catch some of Krautschun’s first pieces of cartoon art on the Eaton Red Ink.

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