Student employees energize Eaton

Recognizing the baristas that make mornings great


It’s not news that most high school students and teachers need a little boost to get them going in the morning or in the afternoon so that they can finish out the school day. Somebody has to man the front lines and provide that boost. 

Several students at Eaton High School help to fuel the community by working in coffee shops throughout the town. Some of those students include Brooklin Frank (23), Marissa Harris (23), Isabel Duran (23), Shelby Shuman, (23), Autumn Hockley (23), and Dayana Hernandez (23).

Senior Marissa Harris has worked at Scooter’s Coffee since June of 2022. She enjoys working there, and she would recommend it to other students looking for a job. She said, “It’s fun, and it’s easy. Hot chocolate is my favorite thing to make because it is the easiest.” 

Isabel Duran also works at Scooter’s, and she has been there since the coffee shop opened in June. She sees one or two students a day working there, and enjoys seeing them at work. 

Shelby Shuman has been working at Ziggi’s since it opened in May 2022. She loves working there and she said, “My manager is super flexible and literally everyone who works there goes to Eaton.” She sees students or teachers almost every day, and she likes to serve them because she gets to call teachers by their first names. 

Autumn Hockley also works at Ziggi’s in Eaton. She said, “It’s busy, and you learn really fast and make really good money.” She said that seeing familiar faces at work can be awkward, but she still enjoys working there. Her favorite drink to make is a beach bum. It is a Red Bull infused with blue raspberry, pineapple, and coconut flavors.

Dayana Hernandez has worked at Ziggi’s for three and a half months. She said, “I would recommend it to other students because it’s a fun environment, and everyone gets along so well. It’s such a fun job, and I have a blast making orders and trying new recipes.” Hernandez’s favorite drink to make is a blended caramel macchiato, but her own favorite drink is an iced chai with pumpkin sauce. 

These students keep smiles on their faces and do their best to put smiles on the faces of others while they work hard to serve up the coffee that keeps the town of Eaton going.