Shopping for less

Fashion found cheaper and looks better than ever


The latest trends of fashion and makeup make it easy to let all the money go down the drain. All of the expensive brands including Stanley Cups, Lululemon, Athletica, Charlotte Tilbury, Nike, Huda Beauty, Glossier, Kylie Cosmetics, etc are some of the most expensive items that customers are buying. People are wasting their money trying to keep up on the latest trends. They spend their money on all the expensive things, when they can find almost the same thing for 50% less. Madison Flynn is a student at EHS with great fashion. Flynn said, “I enjoy buying things off of Amazon when it can look and feel the same as the expensive brand. It is definitely a way to save your money.” Tik Tok has been gaining views because of the around dupes lately. They have a variety of options when it comes to clothing and makeup that can look and feel the same as the designer brands. 

Students and teachers at Eaton High School are big on finding dupes. Texie Jonsson is one of the most fashionable teachers at the school. Jonsson said, “I like to look at fashion influencers’ social media and try to replicate their outfits with more affordable clothing. Without breaking the bank, I can find quality clothing dupes on Amazon, [at] Target, and [at] Walmart.” It’s the exact same thing as the original without the designer logo. The most sold dupe is the Lululemon scuba hoodie off of amazon. The designer of the “dupe” is making close to the same amount of money as the original designer. Dupes have become one of the biggest things, and an easy way to save money.