Chris Bumstead takes fourth Mr. Olympia title

Bumstead earns his fourth consecutive win in men’s classic physique

Chris Bumstead takes fourth Mr. Olympia title

Chris Bumstead earned another Mr. Olympia title this year, to no one’s surprise. On Saturday, Dec. 17, the 2022 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition was hosted by the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bodybuilders from all over the world came to compete, including athletes from Bulgaria, Iran, Germany, Columbia, South Korea, France, and many more. 

The classic physique division is a relatively new division that was added in 2016. The men’s physique and open divisions were split up to accommodate this new division. Athletes in this division are smaller than those in the open division but much larger than those in the men’s physique division. It focuses on symmetry, proportion, pleasing lines, and a small waist. The division is meant to recreate the aesthetics of the 1960s to 1980s, which is considered to be the “golden age of bodybuilding.” The weight requirements are set by the IFBB based on height.

Bumstead is from Ottawa, Canada, and he was introduced to bodybuilding by his sister’s current husband, who is also a professional IFBB bodybuilder. Bumstead entered his first competition in 2014 when he was only 19 years old. 

Physique wise switching to the classic division drove my passion through the roof, thinking now of symmetry aesthetics and portraying it all as a form of art through posing is such a different dynamic than just trying to be huge.”

— -Chris Bumstead in an interview with Fitness Volt

Senior Grant Hernandez said, “I think he will be able to win at least one more before his injuries catch up to him. I think the only lifter close to his physique is Arnold,” further proving why Bumstead dominates the classic physique. Hernandez compared him to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was a top-tier bodybuilder during the golden age.

Now at 27 years old, Bumsted is six foot one, weighing 215 to 225 pounds. On Dec. 17, 2022, he earned another win at the Mr. Olympia to follow up his wins in 2021, 2020, and 2019. That makes Bumstead a four-time champion and the defending champion in men’s classic physique.

Jackson Tribbett (24) said, “I think that he will continue to win titles as long as his injury doesn’t keep him from competing.” Bumstead suffered from two torn biceps during the 2022 Mr. Olympia, but he still managed to compete at a superior level. Bumstead’s lifting-related injuries may eventually cause him to quit competing like so many other great athletes, but until then, he remains a champion.