Senior Spotlight: Autumn Hockley


After high school, Autumn Hockley (23) plans on attending the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. There, she will major in history and minor in education. Hockley said, “I want to become either a high school history teacher like Mr. Preston or work in a museum and work on artifacts in Europe and travel.”

At Eaton High School, Hockley is very involved through school spirit. Games, spirit week, and the atmosphere are what she takes away from EHS. “We all have our own little thing, but when it comes to spirit, we all come together,” said Hockley.

At the moment, Hockley is most passionate about the mundane in life. “I’m learning to grow up and realize you don’t have to spend every moment trying to make every little thing magical. You miss so much trying to rush to the only exciting things. I’ve enjoyed slowing down and taking a second to breathe. I think everyone should try slowing down. Also, many boring things have become art to my eyes,” said Hockley.

Ownership is one of Hockley’s values and an EHS acronym letter. “I think the most important word in the Eaton acronym is ownership. I think it’s important to have ownership because it provides a constant motivation to do work and do it right. If you have no one to blame for your mistakes, you want to ensure you do it right. When it comes to school and life, taking ownership of your actions builds trust in yourself and those around you. It is taking initiative and bringing positive responses,” said Hockley. With ownership comes leadership, which she is bringing an action to. So, senior Hockley, leads by example, which is a huge responsibility that she enjoys doing to accomplish positive changes.

To Hockley it is the impact that she wants to leave behind rather than a legacy. She wants to be known as “someone who is remembered for trying to include and be kind to all, making sure that when high school flashes through their mind, they think of at least one good time. Even if everyone doesn’t have that, I hope I leave a legacy of being yourself and that it’s okay to fail and grow,” said Hockley.

A secret talent of Hockley’s is floral arrangements. This is something many people might not know about her, yet it is a peaceful thing she enjoys. “Making floral arrangements is like therapy. I love putting on my headphones and making floral arrangements around my house or for my friends. The way you pick the flowers you want is a relaxing way to unwind and make something beautiful. It’s like painting where you’re focused on one task and placing elements together in a way that feels good and really listening to your intuition you have full control,” said Hockley.

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