Senior Spotlight: Grant Hernandez


After high school, Grant Hernandez (23) will attend Colorado State University (CSU) to study computer sciences and software engineering. Alongside attending CSU, Hernandez will be training for skeet shooting several days a week to prepare for International Skeet in the 2024 Olympic Trials. Over the 2023 summer, he plans on doing an internship at State Farm, where he will begin software engineering.

At Eaton High School, Hernandez is involved in Student Council, Key Club, FFA, and LINK. Being a LINK leader at EHS, Hernandez is a role model for many underclassmen. “It’s very important to be a leader and get involved because it allows you to connect with many different people. A leader has to be able to push others outside their comfort level, so they can enjoy high school. It’s important to include everyone in the school’s activities, so everyone can have a good high school experience,” said Hernandez.

Within the EATON acronym, tenacity is Hernandez’s favorite word. “Tenacity is important even though sometimes things get difficult and it’s important to keep a tenacious mindset,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez can be found at many school events because he loves socializing. “I enjoy attending all the school events like sports and dances since it’s fun to get involved,” said Hernandez. After high school, he wants to leave a legacy for all to remember. “I want to inspire other students to be the best that they can possibly be. I want to be known as the person that makes everyone else’s day better, and be a person that they are able to look up to. I’ve learned the formula for success and I want the underclassmen to become as successful as this class has been,” said Hernandez.

Outside of school, Hernandez is a cashier at Heritage Market in Eaton. He is also a competitive shotgun shooter and is currently the fifth-ranked junior shooter in the nation. While being a shooter, Hernandez enjoys working out every day before school, but his true passion is shooting.

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