Eaton athletes exceed again

Eaton sets the perfect example for good sportsmanship


Amanda Davis

Ainslie Ross

Good sportsmanship always starts off with a positive attitude. Without a positive attitude, it is not guaranteed that the job will be done well. It is easy to get caught up in a game and be too focused on winning. Eaton sports demonstrate good sportsmanship in every aspect possible. Good sportsmanship is hard to define, but it includes being able to win while respecting the opponents.

One of the most important qualities is being supportive. When losing it is easy to take your disappointment out on your teammates, but being a team player is essential during team sports where support can mean everything. Athletes are more productive and efficient with positive reinforcement and a few words of encouragement. Ainslie Ross(23) is on the varsity volleyball team at Eaton. Ross said, “Sportsmanship to me is being able to respect your opponent by trying your hardest. Sports comes with competition, so by respecting your opponent and trying your hardest you are also honoring the game.” Ross is always a great example when it comes to support and good sportsmanship.

Having a positive attitude towards your team, coaches, the opposing team, and yourself will boost yourself and your team to be better. Having a negative attitude can bring down the whole team, making the competition less enjoyable.Eaton High School demonstrates good sportsmanship and it is rewarded with a good victory. Zac Grable(23) is on the varsity football team at Eaton. Grable said, “First off I stay positive with myself and my teammates but I always make sure to have a good mindset.” A positive attitude during a tough game is one thing that you will be recognized for.