Fun in the cold

EHS students winter activities

Fun in the cold

Leaves have fallen off the trees, meaning the winter season is close by and there are many unique traditions for winter. There are so many activities that people like to do which include sledding, ice skating, or skiing. These activities are what make the winter season full of joy. Although some may not like the freezing cold, and would much rather be in summer, others enjoy it because of the fun they have with their activities. “I love drinking hot chocolate and looking at the Christmas lights,” says senior Jayden Kuskie (23). 

Winter is filled with a lot of snow, lots of layers, sweet desserts, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and many more. Senior Avril Rodriguez talks about her favorite winter activity. “Snowboarding is two of my favorite things to do, and luckily they are both in the same season. Boarding is something fun my family and I like to do, and most of my friends also snowboard so it’s really enjoyable.”

Many students at EHS talk about winter and what traditions/hobbies they enjoy doing during the holidays.“I love Christmas because my mom always goes all out with decorating and it looks like Christmas threw up in our house,” said senior Emily Maske (23). 

Everyone has their own traditions that make them enjoy the cold even more. “We always do a gingerbread or cookie-making competition with all the cousins for Christmas. Each of my cousins gets Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and make cookies from scratch while playing cards,” says senior Leyah Scott (23). Even though people may think there is nothing to do since it’s so cold, there are plenty of fun activities awaiting.