Turkey time

Turkey time

Turkey season is upon EHS as Thanksgiving is rolling right around the corner. The holiday season is filled with a plethora of traditions, foods, and more. From the very beginning of the Thanksgiving tradition, families have come together to celebrate what they are thankful for. Every family celebrates Thanksgiving differently. Graci Reider (24) said, “My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is definitely getting to see all my cousins and seeing who can eat the most.” Thanksgiving started in the 1600s when the Pilgrims came together in Plymouth to feast and share things that they are thankful for.  

A common tradition in America on Thanksgiving is the “Macy’s Day Parade.” Thousands of brands, companies, and charities come together in New York City with extravagant floats, marches, and campaigns to show their festive spirit. “I love getting to see all the different planned floats,” said Gracie Tomlinson (23). 

While Thanksgiving is all about gathering with family and friends, it is also about celebrating luck. The main dish on most families’ dinner tables on Thanksgiving is a cooked turkey. Within a turkey’s skeletal remains is a “wishbone.” The wishbone is most often then split amongst two members and whoever gets the longer side of the bone is considered to be the luckier of the two. 

Football is another huge tradition that is shared with American families on Thanksgiving. After eating a huge meal and talking amongst peers, it’s not out of the ordinary to find the NFL teams battling it out on the T.V. screen. This year six teams will be playing, tallying to three separate games for sports-loving families to watch together. 

Typically to wrap up a perfect “American Thanksgiving” families will share different types of pie, desserts, and sweets. Pumpkin pie has been pinpointed as the number one dessert around America during Thanksgiving. Walker Martin (23) said, “My grandma usually makes the pumpkin pie in our family… pumpkin pie is my favorite dish on the table out of all the foods.” 

Reider said, “A tradition that my family celebrates is that all the cousins bake our grandma’s famous apple pie and she tells us who did the best.” Although some traditions are silly, there is no doubt that the holiday season brings out joy to most people. This is because of the wonderful traditions families make along the way to carry and celebrate for many years to come.