Colored fentanyl meets Halloween

Potential threats of fentanyl on Halloween


Halloween is full of fun scary surprises and lots of yummy candy. All the dark colors, haunted movies, and creepy spiders is what fulfills the idea of Halloween. It’s a time when people can dress up and enjoy time with their friends and family. 

However, this Halloween seems to be going in a different direction. Studies have said that there is a dangerous opioid called fentanyl that people are making to make it look like normal colorful Halloween candy. It is very dangerous because there are a lot of young kids that could possibly be grabbing this thinking it’s a safe candy. On Halloween little kids are getting candy from strangers, so it puts it at an even higher risk. 

“I think it’s really scary that this is something we have to face in today’s world because Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday for little kids,” said senior Gracie Tomlinson. “But, threats like this take away from the fun that little kids are supposed to be able to have and make it a lot more of a dangerous holiday for them.”

Senior Avril Rodriguez speaks on how society has changed. “I think that people in society have gotten to a very low point, and it’s sad that people can’t really trust anything these days.”

Although little kids might not realize the dangers of Halloween, and think they are getting free candy, parents are concerned about these situations and want to keep their kids safe. This opioid is very deadly and is stronger than other drugs which makes it ten times more threatening.