Falling into music

2022 fall choir concert connects with the audience

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All four choirs got the opportunity to perform multiple songs in their fall choir concert. Several unique performances were included in the show to connect with the audience. To finish the show, all choirs performed a song together.

The Women’s Choir kicked off the concert with “Heroes and Dreamers” by PINKZEBRA. Soloists for this song were Karleigh Arens (26) and Celie Tharp (26). Following “Heroes and Dreamers” was “There’s Room for Many-a More!” Written by G. Gilpin.

Men’s Choir followed up the Women’s Choir with a message from Army Cadence Leader, Alex Williams (24). Williams said, “The Men’s Choir performance was special because a construction worker who was in the Army listened to what we did, and said it meant a lot to him that people understand the importance of Cadences during their time in the Army.”

This led into “The Ghost Ship” written by D. Besig and N. Price. These men finished with “Same Boat” by Zac Brown. Soloists for Same Boat included Dart Salazar (24), Ridge Kayser (24), Ryan Wellmann (24), and Jonathan Chumacero (26).

Bella Voce performed “Alleluia – Canon” by W. Boyce to start their section of the concert. The young ladies then performed “When October Goes (with Autumn Leaves)” by P. Langford. No soloists performed in either song.

A special addition to the concert included a piano solo performed by Mick McCaskill ( 23). McCaskill performed “Resting Grounds” by C. Larkin, Arranged by D. Peacock. 

Troubadours followed the piano solo with “Dies Irae” by R. Main. A choreographed performance of “Come Alive” by B. Pasek and J. Paul, Arranged by Brymer. Mayzie Helzer (24) said, “The purpose of adding choreography to the song was to express the message we wanted the audience to feel. We used our actions and words to show a deeper meaning.”

Finishing the concert, all choirs came together to perform “Baba Yetu” by C Tin, Arranged by Emerson. Within this song’s performance, there were several soloists including Evelyn South (26), Madison Robson (23), Mattea Gurnsey (24), Natatlie Manguso (25), Charlie Fritzler (24), Blake Hawkins (26), Brayden Duncan (23), Isabelle Mellman (24), Lauren Caudle (23), and James Blackman (23). Along with these soloists, Hope Shoemaker (24) performed on the drum.

Images of the fall choir concert can be found above. Photography by Patrick Preston.