How to become involved

4 ways to be involved at Eaton High School:


1. Join a co-curricular, class, club, or sport
At EHS, there are 15 different sports students are given the opportunity to participate in. Trying out for a team or playing a sport is the largest way students at EHS stay involved. Over the past year, 82% of the students at EHS participated in a sport, club, or activity. “We would like to see if we can bump that up to 90% this year and then eventually have 100% participation,” said Steve Longwell, the athletic director of EHS. Getting the percentage up in participation proves how much students at EHS are involved and are supporting their community. Not only sports, but clubs have continued to grow at EHS. Currently EHS offers
the following clubs:

– FCCLA; for young men and women interested in family and consumer sciences. (sponsor: Amy Fetzer; meetings Monday at lunch)

– Fellowship of Christian Students; promotes the transformation of the lives of students through evangelism, discipleship, and family life development. (Sponsor: Christina Contraraz; meets Fridays at lunch in the choir room)

– Key Club; opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. (Sponsor: Texie Jonsson; meets Thursdays at lunch in Jonsson’s room)

– FBLA; prepares students for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs. (Sponsor: Chris Love & Alex Adams; meets Thursdays at lunch in Love’s room)

– FFA; for those interested in agriculture and leadership. (Sponsor: Heidi Lanning & Melissa Achziger; meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm)

– LINK; junior and senior program that mentors freshmen through their first year at EHS. Entry into LINK is through application and acceptance only. (Sponsor: Brittany Turnbull & Chad Shaw)

– Knowledge Bowl; similar to a team version of Jeopardy and Brain Bowl (Sponsor: Fred Kinney; meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in Kinney’s room)

– GSA; aims to create a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for ALL students while learning about and discussing topics relevant to the LGBT community. (Sponsor: Abigail Duncan; meets a er school and at lunch on Wednesdays in Duncan’s room)

– Esports; students can get together to play competitive video games. (Sponsor: Drew Jorgensen; meets Tuesdays after school in Jorgensen’s room)

– NHS; elevates the culture of an entire community through everyday scholarship, service, leadership, and character. NHS members are selected through an application process. (Sponsor: Amy Ross; listen for future application opportunities)

– Robotics Competition Team; EHS Robotics competes with the VEX platform. (Sponsor: Jim Corbett; meets every day a er school)

– Student Council; helps spread students’ ideas and interests and also helps raise funds and plans for schoolwide activities. (Sponsor: Drew Jorgensen; meets at lunch Wednesdays in Jorgensen’s room)

Eaton High School also offers classes that specialize in certain activities. As a student moves up in grade levels, more classes are available for the student to take. The following is a broad list of categories of classes that EHS offers:

2. Attend school or community events regularly
Students at EHS are highly encouraged to attend events around the school and in the community whenever the opportunity is available. At school-related events, there is a “new system where students can sign in through the barcode tracking at each event that will earn them points towards getting free stuff. If students get the prized black shirt they are the ultimate ‘Rowdy Red’,” said Tom Shannon, the assistant principal.

Being a “Rowdy Red” includes attending school events, sitting in the designated “Rowdy Red” zone at events, and showing the most school spirit. The purpose of creating the new seating section and the competition is that “we want all of our students to support each other at the different events,” said Longwell. By attending events regularly, players and performers can depend on their peers for support in what they are most passionate about doing.

3. Listen to the announcements and check calendars
Knowing when and where events are happening is vital to fulfilling the duty of being an Eaton Red. Checking calendars on the school website, listening to announcements, and paying attention to posters in the school are a few ways to be aware of school events. Trent Salberg (23) said, “Always check the calendars and figure out which things you can make it to and see if a group of friends could make it to this event as well. Having friends in clubs and at events make people more comfortable to have fun and be themselves.” Don’t miss out on fun activities at EHS.

Frequently checking the calendars on the school website or the television screens inside the school is a good way to stay informed. Chad Shaw, an EHS history teacher said, “there are a plethora of ways that students can become involved in their school beyond just going to class, which makes this place much more enjoyable. I would challenge every student in this building to find their niche within the high school outside of the classroom because it makes EHS much more of a home rather than just an institution.”

4. Volunteer or take part in community activity opportunities
There are many volunteer opportunities in EHS and around the community, which can create involvement. Working concessions, the student store, and picking up trash around the EHS campus are a couple of simple ways to volunteer. Key Club specializes in volunteering for the benefit of the community. Dressing up for spirit week can also be considered volunteering for school spirit.

Salberg said, “One thing that I noticed Eaton High School as a whole is lacking in the participation part of school is during pep rallies and the cheering of activities when leaving for state. I think we could do a better job getting excited about each other’s successes and getting loud for the assembly. It makes it more fun when it is a friendly competition between the grades with everyone participating.” As Salberg said, the student body has been lacking participation during pep rallies, so make sure to cheer and participate to be involved.