Eaton football to sets out to win the title again for a third time

Reds football continues its journey back to a state title

The Eaton football team has always been well-known in Northern Colorado, but in the last three years, as well as this year, they have made a name for themselves. The team has won two back-to-back state championships in the 2A football league and hopes to do it again this year. 

This generation of football players in Eaton performs at another level. Eaton football has only won a total of three state titles: two of which have included tremendous effort from the classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025. Each of these classes have had the chance to experience one if not two state championship wins playing for the Reds.

In this year’s playoffs, Eaton is ranked second and will play number 15 ranked Bennett in the first round of playoffs. From there they will face another winning team inside the bracket that consists of 16 teams spread around in the different corners of Colorado. The Reds not only have the talent and skill to win another championship, but have the mentality as well. 

Senior quarterback Walker Martin has played for the Reds all four years of his high school career. Last season and the current season have allowed Martin to be the starting quarterback and a more experienced leader for the team also. Martin said, “Being a senior as the year continues, I have been just trying to enjoy each day I have left until I am sent away on my own.” As for the team, Martin said, “We are going to prepare like any other week but there is a little more intensity to it because there is a chance of it being our last game of the year. It’s a brotherhood on and off the field. We support and help one another even when we aren’t on the field together. We all have each other’s backs no matter what.”

The middle and outside linebacker, Ryder True (23), has also taken on a leadership role for the Reds. After tearing his ACL his sophomore year, True wasn’t able to see the field again for the rest of the season, but he still played a major part in the Reds’ title in the 2020 season. This season, True has been on the field 99% of the time for the Reds, playing key offensive and defensive roles. True said, “I have just committed to Chadron State so I have been getting ready for that.” Committing to playing a sport at the collegiate level is a major step in an athlete’s career and even though it’s a time to celebrate, True is still focused on a state championship. True said, “We have been studying film harder and us seniors have been buckling down on practices, making sure everybody is focused and not messing around.” The team has a strong bond and definitive culture off the field, which translates onto the field to help with the team’s success. Team sports are all about connections and the Eaton Reds have that connection.

Joey Blaskowski (24) has had the chance to win two championships with the Reds football team and is hoping to get another under his belt. Blaskowski has been an integral part of the Reds’ offense the past two years and still has another year to continue making an impact in the program. Blaskowski said, “Working hard together and feeding off of one another has helped. The group of guys I’ve grown up playing with has also helped us make an impact in the program.” 16 players in the class of 2024 suit up for varsity games and whether they get on the field or not, they still make a difference by cheering their teammates on. Blaskowski is preparing and focused on the upcoming games and said, “we’ve been doing a lot of film prep and just need a good week of practice. It is what we need to prepare for the games coming up.” While the Reds are locked in and serious on the field, they still have fun together off the field. Blaskowski said, “We all hang out off the field and we’re all like brothers, which helps us communicate, get along, and trust each other.” The friendships between the players go beyond the field.

The Reds have several weeks left in the season and everyone is cracking down and setting their eyes on another title. Anything can happen in the playoffs, but the Reds always work as hard as they can to go the extra mile. There is also a supportive town backing them no matter what the results are, but with the determination of the players and coaches, there’s no stopping the Reds.In three weeks the results for the 2022 season will be seen and everyone will be watching as it unfolds.