Eaton theater sets the stage for fall production

Theater students are ready to perform in their new auditorium


Eaton High School’s fall drama is patiently waiting for their auditorium to be finished so they are able to get back in the swing of things. The theater students are doing all they can to be prepared as they can’t use the stage at the moment due to construction. They are currently working on the murder mystery show called “Appointment with Death.”  

Tyler Beers is a senior at Eaton High School and is involved in the Tech Theater class. He builds the set props, controls lighting, and the curtains. Beers said, “The environment that the people around you create is the best part about that class. There is never a dull moment in the theater room.” Students enjoy the environment theater gives, where they can be themselves. The drama classes at EHS improve and help maintain the social and language skills of students. Students take theater classes to be able to explore challenging scenarios and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. 

Kendra Hixon is the theater director at Eaton High School. Hixon has worked at EHS for 13 years and she enjoys every second of it. Her students stay late and come in early to prepare for the show that is coming up on Nov. 10 called “Appointment with Death,” which is the mainstage show this year. With ten days left to prepare for the show, Hixon is hoping her stage will be completed to be performed on. Hixon said, “It is extremely difficult to work on a show without a complete stage. It is taking me out of my natural habitat.” Hixon as well as the theater classes are more than ready to get back in their own space to put on the first show that will be performed in the new building.