Marching band jump starts into state final

Reds take first place in the 2A Northern Colorado Regional Competition


EHS marching band headed down to Centaurus High School in Lafayette, CO for the 2A Northern Colorado Regional Competition. Competing against Berthoud High School and University Schools, EHS took home the victory.

Scoring 1.150 points above the second-place finisher, Berthoud High School, the Reds finished with a score of 61.150. Three categories make up the final score; Music Performance, Visual Performance, and General Effect. Several judges critique each category in order to determine a final score. Taylor Ross(25) said, “We plan on reaching higher scores by working harder, perfecting everything we’ve worked on, and giving the show our absolute best.”

EHS placed second in both the Music Performance and Visual Performance categories. However, the General Effect category pushed them into first place. Receiving no penalties, such as exceeding the time limit, leaving props on the field, or the band’s feet not matching the timing of the music, the Reds defeated all the opposing schools.

Winning the Regional competition was key to propelling the Reds into the state competition, which will take place next Monday, Oct. 31, 2022. Knowing what details of the show need to be corrected, the Reds will step up their performance. Paige Davis (24) said, “We are working just as hard, if not even harder. Now working on details to shape our show even more.”

Approaching the biggest competition of the year, the marching band is putting in the work. Davis (24) said, “We practice in the mornings and evenings throughout the week, plus morning rehearsals on Saturdays.” 

Every rehearsal counts while preparing for the final state show. The state performances will take place at Ralph Stocker Stadium in Grand Junction, CO. Competing against seven other schools, the EHS marching band is going for the gold.