The man behind the camera

Sophomore-Brody Niswender has brought a new passion and perspective to Eaton High School, making so-called hype videos for Football and Volleyball

With a smile and a camera, Brody Niswender is changing the film and photography scene at Eaton High School. EHS students may notice at every football and volleyball game a man with a camera getting endless shots of action. Brody Niswender has given the student body ‘hype videos’ of football and volleyball games. The videos show endless action and excitement of the sports that EHS offers.These Football and Volleyball videos excite the student body and the athletes here at EHS.

Behind every camera, though, there’s a story. Niswender chose to take the new film class offered by EHS and Mrs. Hixon this year. He was passionate about film, but he didn’t expect to have sports teams and students here at EHS asking when the next video will be released. Brody has given a new perspective to students about what EHS sports are, posting the videos to Tik-Tok and Instagram. Hundreds of views and reposts flew in after the videos were posted.

Niswender is passionate about film and at every sports event, students will find Niswender filming, getting shots for the next video. Football and Volleyball seasons are almost over, but this doesn’t mean the videos will stop being released. Brody has big plans for videos to be released. He wants to make these ‘hype’ videos for all the sports he can. 

Niswender has enjoyed making these videos for EHS sports. Niswender said, “It’s so new and it’s exciting getting to look at everything from a new perspective and all the visions of projects you see- I like to keep humble about the videos- I am doing it for the school.” 

Niswender wants to make a career out of videography. He said, “Yeah I think I could and I am looking into it right now, but I really want this new program to grow and expand it’s going to be fun to see people try this class; it is a really great class and expands our teaching and experience.”

Niswender is known by many people in the school now and has made a name for himself by creating hype videos for football and volleyball this year. Niswender has stayed humble and wants to make hype videos not for himself but for the students of Eaton High School. 

The future is exciting for Niswender and EHS. Niswender plans to bring videos to EHS and continue the craft he loves for the people of EHS.