Social Media’s Influence on Fall Trends

Most popular outfits this fall


Remi Baessler, Staff Reporter

With leaves falling and colors turning, autumn is just around the corner, bringing new fashion with it Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram have all become a great influence on people and what they chose to wear for the day. These types of clothing could include flannels, mom jeans, and the different shades of colors that many people wear.

Eaton High School student Chloe Stevens (24), is a big fan of fall fashion, “I like getting all my fall fashion ideas from TikTok and Pinterest.” Stevens said, “ My most liked outfit is a pair of ripped jeans with a cute and comfortable sweater, or one of my oversized or cropped sweaters with either leggings or jeans to go with boots or some type of sneaker.” 

Avi Betters (23) likes getting creative and coming up with her own fall style. She normally wears oversized t-shirts with jean shorts, but when switching into fall she likes “layering, jeans, and fitted long sleeves with a jacket to go along, such as a flannel,” Betters said.  

Annabelle DeJager (25) likes shopping at the Buckle and Altar’d State. She is most into leggings and a crewneck. “I think mom jeans with the white long sleeve shirt under the knitted vest are pretty popular as of right now,”  DeJager said. 

Graci Reider (24) said, “The pumpkin spice and leaves changing is my favorite part about the season.” Cropped sweaters and vests are at the top of Reider’s list for fall fashion; she is most interested in putting together colors that match the weather vibe. “I like to shop on the LUK Ranch Boutique on Instagram, and cute western styles are what I like most,” said Reider. For a more comfortable look, she likes to put together leggings and a sweater with cute accessories. 

Fashion in general has been a huge influence on society through social media. Fashion is a great way to express oneself, which is an important trait to have in the world and without it creativity would be lost. New trends are influenced by the internet, creating unique ideas for others to base their look off of.