Senior Spotlight: Ashley Ortega


After high school, Ashley Ortega (23) plans on attending Aims Community College and transferring to Laramie Community College to study sonography and pursue an ultrasound technician career. Ortega loves connecting with nature and finding things to do, such as hiking, going for walks, and journaling. She also loves doing her makeup, which is something she is very passionate about. “It’s almost like a stress reliever and it doesn’t have any rules to it. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do your makeup and that’s why I love it,” Ortega said.

The most important EATON acronym letter to Ortega is ownership. “You have to own up to your stuff no matter what. Ownership builds trust, and it helps build bonds with your peers,” said Ortega. Showing ownership also connects with leadership, which Ortega strongly takes pride in. “The importance of being a leader in my school is making sure you leave a good example for the underclassmen. As the upperclassman, you have to ensure that you are not setting a bad example for everyone,” said Ortega.

I’m excited to see what life is going to bring me in the future

— Ashley Ortega

With less than a year until Ortega graduates, leaving a good impression is important. Ortega wants to leave behind an unforgettable legacy. “I don’t want to be remembered as the student who didn’t try or was a bad example to everyone. I want to be remembered as a student who knew how to have fun and always looked at stuff in a positive way or tried to look at negative stuff from a different perspective,” said Ortega.