An academic weapon

TikToker inspires students with positive trends

An academic weapon

TikTok creator Brad Kraut has recently become popular because of his positive and aggressive attitude towards academics and fitness. He has started two separate trends that have people feeling motivated. 

Kraut went to Council Rock South High School in Pennsylvania, where he played football, and graduated in 2019. Now he’s a student at Penn State, where he inspires Penn State students and others.

He posts videos of himself working hard to complete homework or arriving early to college lectures to get a seat in the front row. Kraut calls himself an “academic weapon” when doing so. 

This began a trend of other users posting videos of them going above and beyond to do well in class and calling themselves academic weapons. Kraut responds to their videos, congratulating them on their hard work and encouraging more people to do the same. 

Brad sends a very positive message. He is inspiring people to excel in their academics and be better people. I was weak-minded, but now I strive to [be like] Brad, be an academic weapon, and have no excuses.

— Alex Williams (24)

Kraut has also started a second trend where he tells his viewers to wake up and seize the day. He films himself waking up early and working out or doing schoolwork. He tells those watching to “kick the sheets” and to “get the ball rolling early on.”

Alin Rivera (24) said, “He’s a good influence and made the term ‘academic weapon’ into a way for [students] to actually care about their grades.”

Kraut’s overall message to seize the day and devote oneself to school is a positive idea that he is spreading in a fun way. Young people need a leader to show them that working hard is a good thing and pays off. For many students, Brad Kraut is that person.