New building featuring a new parking lot

Students finally have a designated parking lot


Parking at the new Eaton High School building is now efficient and quick, there are up to 500 spots for students to park. Seniors from the class of 2023 earned the first two rows of the parking lot because they will be graduating this year. The juniors class of 2024 have the third and fourth row,the sophomores class of 2024 have the fifth and last rows. 

Students have been given parking passes to be able to park in this new lot. If there is no pass, then the student will get a ticket or be towed. The parking lot has been beneficial for the students and teachers. Mike Brisendine is the hall monitor at the school. Brisendine said, “I would really like to keep the south exit open for the students. The parking lot is nice, it’s big, but the design itself is [just] okay.”  The teachers have their own parking spaces on the south side of the building. 

The old Eaton High School right off of 1st Street was built in 1909, and by the 1920’s, the town of Eaton began to grow and expand. Renovations were made in 1963, and then again in 2021.There wasn’t enough room for a parking lot where the old high school was located. Students did not have a parking lot until this year; they parked on the streets near the school. 

A parking lot is more efficient for the school. Madison Flynn (23) said, “It wasn’t fun when we had to park on the side of the road and then walk super far just to get into school, so it is definitely easier now that we have a parking lot.” When the students were parked on the streets there were a lot of complaints from the neighborhood. Students were parking in people’s driveways, so homeowners wouldn’t be able to leave. Eaton is grateful for their new school and especially for a place to park.