Senior Spotlight: Trent Salberg


Trent Salberg (23) plans on continuing his education at either the University of Tennessee or Boston University. During college he wants to major in business finance. Salberg is involved in many clubs and sports at Eaton High School such as student council, LINK, Key Club, football, and track and field. Salberg qualified for state track and field in 2022, which was his first year running for the team. He also helped his team win the state football championships in 2020 and 2021 while being a squad leader. Salberg is very passionate about football and also about the student section at EHS. “Since I was a freshman, I always loved going all out for student sections and other activities because we only have four years here, so we need to make the most of it,” said Salberg, who leads the student section a majority of the time.

“Being a leader in the new school is important because we need people to step up and try and make new trends, traditions, and culture for the new school. Being active at school events, and encouraging others to do so, will help create the culture in the new building,” said Salberg. Staying true to oneself is very important to Trent because he wants everyone to have their own style and trends. Being a leader at EHS gives Trent the opportunity to help people feel more comfortable about standing out. Out of the EATON acronym, Trent’s favorite word is noteworthiness, “because in today’s society, everyone just follows the crowd, and no one wants to be the one to take a different path and stand out. Being noteworthy to me means trying to be the best version of myself and standing out to make a difference,” said Salberg. 

Being a leader at Eaton High School is beneficial for everyone, and I enjoy being myself to lead others by example, making most of the little time I have in high school.

— Trent Salberg

By making a difference in our school, Salberg will be remembered by many students, leaving a legacy. Salberg wants to be remembered as “the person who brightens up the room as I walk into it, be the outgoing individual that leads the student sections, gets everyone involved with dances and homecoming traditions, and always is smiling and trying to have fun.”