The future of the new school store

An insight on the opportunities sparked by the school store


As the plans for the new school were designed, many new features were added. One of these new features being a school store. The management needed for the store created a new class and opportunity for students at Eaton High School; Enterprise Retail and Management.

Before Jessica Grable was named the principal at Eaton High School, the plans for the new school building were drawn up. According to Grable, this plan included a school store to have “a place that was student facing that kids could access.” Kids will have the opportunity to buy items at various times throughout the day.

Students currently enrolled in the new Enterprise Retail and Management classes are tasked with designing what products will be available for sale in the store. This includes conducting research and using the information found to decide what products will be sold and at what prices. Along with the product, it is equally as important to set the fundamentals of who will be able to purchase items from the store outside of the student population. 

Although the store isn’t fully functional through the Enterprise Retail and Management classes at this time, Grable is selling small scale items through the store currently. Grable said she’s currently selling some healthier snacks like beef jerky, protein bars as well as salty bagged snacks like goldfish. Then there are the candy bars as well as waters, gatorades, and pop.

Grable said,“After second quarter, once they have their feet underneath them the school store will be fully functional.I think the sky’s the limit as to what we could sell out of there.”

Caitlin Morgan (23), a student in Enterprise Retail, said, “I’m hoping we add stickers, crewnecks, socks, and beanies. The prices should be cheaper than items from brand stores and they should definitely be affordable prices.”. The goal is to create a place where students can buy apparel, snacks, and assorted school supplies at a reasonable price. 

This new store will be opening shortly, and offer students an opportunity to buy items at a cheaper price with the convenience of being directly at the school.