New looks, same tradition

The winning look continues on


As the 2022 fall season is in full swing for the Eaton Reds, each team is repping a new look. The face of Eaton High School athletics may appear different this season, but the Reds continue to carry on a winning tradition.

Although there might not be a vast change in the Reds football uniforms, it is noticeable. Traditionally, the team wears red for home games, and these new red uniforms feature large white numbers outlined in a light gray. White and gray lines detail the cuffs of the sleeves and up the sides of the pants. Head Coach Zac Lemon said, “I’m not a huge coach on looks, and I just wanted to keep a classic and clean look the players would enjoy.” Reds football is currently 3-1 and undefeated on their home turf.

With a current record of 11-5, Eaton Softball made the switch to red uniforms this year. Previously wearing a gray with red uniform and red pants, the team now wears a red uniform with light gray pinstripes, light gray pants, and red socks. The front and back of the uniform features a black number outlined in white. “Eaton” is spelled out in large white letters outlined in black on the front of the uniform. The sleeves are detailed with small white and black lines as well.

Cross country received new racing tanks. These red tanks include thin, dark red, horizontal stripes and “Eaton” spelled out in white across the chest. Black shorts or spandex are paired with the tanks for racing. Every athlete has run a season or personal best at recent meets. 

The boys golf team has competed in many tournaments this season, and as a team, the boys won the Frontier Academy Invite tournament. The boys are sporting new red polos. White detailing on the shoulders and the Eaton script E with golf clubs on the chest make up the design of these polos.

Reds varsity volleyball received three new uniforms this season. Each uniform is the same design in different colors. The main shirt of the uniform is one solid color (black, red, or white), fading into another color (black, red, or white) around the forearms of the long sleeves. “Eaton” is spelled out across the chest with a solid number on both front and back. Madison Crider (24) said, “I really like the colors of the new jerseys and how vibrant they are…it is unique and cool that it has an ombre effect.” Reds volleyball continues its season with a current record of 10-1.

Each team is fulfilling a successful season so far. These new uniforms create a new look for the Reds but hold the same sensations.