Eaton athletes prepare for game day

Athletes have individual rituals on game days.

Game day rituals have been a long-lasting tradition at Eaton High School. Many athletes at Eaton have their own routines and superstitions before game day. These are routines the athletes do before every game to make them feel prepared and ready to play. 

Gracie Tomlinson (23) talks about her own routine before every volleyball game. Tomlinson said, “I have to wear my hair in a ponytail with a braid…but I have to match the color of the rubber band in my braid to the color of my jersey.” Doing their own routines and having their unique superstitions can help the players’ uneasiness before they perform. Some athletes face anxiety before games differently than other athletes, whether that’s physically or mentally. But, the way that they handle it can be by doing their own rituals and routines before their games.

“I don’t really have any routines or superstitions before the games,” said Austin Martinez (23). “There are a few things I do every game. After we do warrior speeches Trent and I always go play catch on the field…when we walk out of the locker about to go on the field, I always make sure I walk out with Zac.” 

Similar to individual game-day routines, teams as a whole have their own ways of getting ready before each game. It could be something simple like listening to a song, to something like wearing the same socks each game. Some athletes put so much pressure on themselves that by doing their own routine or superstition it will make that pressure go away.