Senior Spotlight: Caitlin Morgan


Caitlin Morgan (23) plans to continue her education at Colorado State University with a major in business and a minor in interior design. She also plans on going to cosmetology school to become a cosmetologist. Morgan is involved in Eaton High School clubs such as National Honor Society, FCCLA, and LINK. This year Morgan will be a senior on the Eaton High School swim team and the Severance High School golf team. She has qualified for state swimming for the past three years of her high school career and is a role model to many of the underclassmen swimmers. Morgan is passionate about reading and finding the deeper truths in literature that relate to her personal experiences. Just as much as she enjoys reading, she loves having a good sense of style. 

As a senior, Morgan has stepped up her leadership skills in many of the activities she is involved in. Morgan said, “It is important to be a leader at school because leaders help set the tone of how life at school truly is. Leaders will push kids to be their best and be an example of what the thing to do is. Leaders can help push kids to go outside of their comfort zone for the better of the student body.” Her favorite letter from the EATON acronym is the letter T, for tenacity, which correlates with the trait of leadership. Morgan said, “Tenacity is the most important word in the Eaton acronym because it teaches people to strive always to be better. Life will not always be easy, but the people who can overcome challenges will be the most successful.” 

When people are successful, they leave a legacy. Leaving a good legacy behind at Eaton High School is important, and people will remember it. “I want my legacy to be that I was very involved in extracurriculars at school, and I was someone that teachers and peers could depend on for anything,” said Morgan.