New high school, same roots

New school welcomes community with ribbon cutting

The Eaton community decided that it was time for a new school in early 2021. Finally, three years later, the school is finished. On Sept. 10, the annual Eaton High School kickback took place. With a ribbon cutting, a large feast, and a tour of the new high school, hundreds of community members came through our new high school. The community knows and loves the old high school, but it is time for new beginnings.

At 1 p.m. Eaton High School staff, as well as board members, welcomed everyone into the school with a ribbon cutting ceremony. EHS principal for two years, Jessica Grable, said, “There are lots of reasons the ribbon cutting is important to EHS; this community has really really deep roots and traditions, and it is important that we show that. Although it is a state of the art building, it still has the same threads.” Positive energy radiated throughout the building by not only students and staff, but also the Eaton community. 

Tate Smith (23) and Trent Salberg (23) were the two students chosen to hold the ribbon for the cutting ceremony. Smith said, “It is exciting to see all of the people that went to the old school and all of the culture we brought into this new school.” 

With the new building just barely getting finished in time for school, the ribbon cutting presented an opportunity for many to see where all of the new high school traditions will be made.