EHS welcomes twelve new staff members


Jessica Grable

New teachers welcomed to EHS

Reagan Kochevar, Staff Reporter

With the transition into the new Eaton High School (EHS), there have been a multitude of new staff members welcomed into the EHS family. 12 new staff have joined the team. While many of them are new faces, there are also long-term substitutes and returning staff members that have chosen to join the EHS community. 

The new staff members include Lisa DeNooy (Administrative Assistant to the Principal), Alex Adams (Business), Kendall Achziger (Spanish), Alexandra Dyer (Spanish), Mike Pearson (Career in Technical Education/Construction), Kaci Green (English Language Arts), Emily Sorenson (English Language Arts), Cameron Stewart (Physical Education), Payton Sporleder (Art), Benjamin Corneliusen (Instrumental Music/Band), Carey Quaratino (Counseling Administrative/Registrar), and Amy Fetzer (CFS). 

The new staff members are excited to be at EHS because of the culture and pride demonstrated every day. Mrs. Green said, “I love the culture here. I love all the teachers and students. Everyone seems to be one big happy family. Coming from other schools, this one is a lot different and unique because of the culture. You can’t find this culture in other places.” Many of the teachers remarked on how easy both the staff and students have made the transition for them. Culinary teacher Mrs. Fetzer said, “Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging from staff to students.” 

Despite still having to deal with construction and all sorts of new protocols and obstacles, EHS has found a way to start the school year off on the right foot. Mrs. Sporleder, the new art teacher, said, “I am an absolute huge fan of the school culture. I love how much community, staff, and student support is readily available at all times. Despite not having my own classroom, everyone is so flexible and understanding. I love the resilience that everyone has; most people would struggle with being so adaptable and it has turned into such a kind place despite the hardships. I feel as though I have gained a whole new understanding of resilience, compassion, and support.” Even with all the new faces, the new teachers have felt welcomed and supported. One of EHS’ main goals and culture includes building a community and welcoming everyone, including new staff. It takes everyone to create a supportive and positive environment and the EHS community is building on this day by day.