End of the year finals

As the end of the school year approaches, it is time for finals

End of the year finals

Lucas Stone, Staff Reporter

As the students begin counting down the days until the end of school, teachers are beginning to hand out study guides for the end of the year finals. It puts a lot of pressure on kids because they have the biggest tests of the year all at the same time. It is really hard to split up the time and be able to get enough studying for each subject they have a test for. 

For upperclassmen, they have already been through it a few times during their years in high school, therefore, they already have a feeling of what it is like. Underclassmen are still trying to figure out what works best for them and the study techniques to use. Freshman year is always the hardest, coming into high school for the first time and having to study for all of the finals that they are being assigned. Even though they have had the semester final, this is the first time they will receive an end-of-the-year final, which is always much harder. Eamon Shaw (25) said, “It is really difficult taking finals at the end of the school year, especially as a freshman. You really just need to stay focused, take your time, and study the best that you can.”

Kids know when the end of the school year is coming, so they start getting more and more anxious for school to be over and summer to begin. Students tend to start slacking off from their work and just trying to get it over with, so they can all go have a fun summer. Even though students look towards summer, it is still important to lock in for the last part of the year and finish it out strong. The finals are usually a big portion of the grade, so it can either make or break a grade at the end of the year making it that much more important to make sure you give it your all for a final couple of weeks. Alex Loyd (24) said, “It is really important to lock in for the end of the year finals. It is really helpful having an experience like this during my freshman year, so I know what to expect. Some of these can make or break your final grade, so you really need to take your time and do your best.”

Summer is fun and everyone looks forward to what it may bring, but that doesn’t mean that students should stop caring about the work they still have in the home stretch. Final projects and final tests need to be fought out and finished before kids go out and have an amazing, fun summer.