Senior Spotlight: Ethan Florez


After high school, Ethan Florez (22) plans on working while deciding the career path he wants to take in life. Florez works for The Town of Eaton with the parks and at the Eaton Cemetery. Inside of school, he is involved in football, wrestling, track and field, men’s choir, FCCLA, and FCA and has been a member of each for all four years. Over the years, Ethan has gone to state for track and football and is very passionate about both including winning the men’s choir contest. Ethan is also the men’s choir president. He said, “I would like to leave behind a good impact on the school after winning two state championships.” 

The most important Eaton acronym to Ethan is noteworthiness, for the meaning is to be something significant. He said, “Don’t try to be someone else and to be your own person with your own goals.” Being a senior in sports and in clubs, many people follow Ethan, and being a leader is important. “The importance of being a leader in school is that people look up to you and seek help because you are the one to take on that responsibility that others are not willing to do. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to be the most popular person in school, it means to provide help and guide people with their troubles or worries,” he said. 

The legacy Ethan wants to leave behind was the senior that people wanted to be around. He wants to be known for winning two state football championships and going to state track. He said,” Right now my plans for after high school are not totally clear and I don’t think you need all the answers right now because they will change over time.”