Seniors finish off the final week of High School

New leadership opportunities open up for juniors as the seniors move on


Lucas Stone, Staff Reporter

It is that time of year here at Eaton High School where seniors move on with their lives and new leaders start to emerge. The seniors that are leaving will be missed because of the legacy that they left behind, but now the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen carry on the things they created and create new ones for the upcoming generations. Zac Grable (23) said, “It is going to be much different without the senior class is here. I think that our junior class will be a perfect fit for filling the shoes of this year’s seniors.” 

This year’s graduating class had to step up into last year’s seniors’ shoes just like every other junior class has the role to do. They did an amazing job helping, leading, and leaving behind many great memories for all students that were here to remember. It may sound like a difficult task to pick up where they left off, especially after a long summer, but it is nowhere near impossible. These seniors will definitely be missed, but it opens up many new opportunities for underclassmen to step up and face the challenges that may come their way. Walker Martin (23) said, “It is always sad to lose the friends that graduate. It is going to take a lot of responsibility to keep their legacy and keep everyone’s heads straight. These seniors have taught us very well and left us with a lot to start with. It going to be pretty tough seeing these guys go on, especially the ones that I have played with since I was young.”

As the seniors graduate and finish school a little before everyone else does, it gives everyone a taste of what it is going to be like in the years to come. After a class day for the seniors, they pass down what they have done for the past four years to the juniors and let them create their own memories and legacy here at Eaton High School. Ryder True (23) is starting to feel the emotions about the seniors leaving. He said, “They are a really cool class. I will miss a lot of them but mostly the ones that I played sports with. They were a lot of fun to see around the school and play with for the three years I was here.”