Senior Spotlight: Joseph Sisneros


      After high school, Joseph Sisneros plans on attending the University of Northern Colorado to study sports marketing. Inside of Eaton High School, Sisneros is involved in Track and Field and Key Club. He is very passionate about track, working out, and school. Working on himself and his mentality is important to him and he loves challenging himself within those. 

    Outside of school, Sisneros is involved with volunteering opportunities that are for the school or his work, the Eaton Area Community Center. Joseph values the Eaton acronym word, tenacity, both in the workplace and at school. He said, “I believe tenacity is the best word because no matter the situation, if you are determined enough you can achieve anything. Tenacity is all about being persistent and wanting the best for yourself no matter how challenging life can be.” 

   Sisneros is a leader in every setting he is set in. Being a senior in track, his job, and a Key Club member, he has many looking up to him. “It is truly important to be a leader in my school because I believe that good leadership leads to good results. Without leadership it’s easy to get lost and find yourself in holes that feel impossible to get out of. Leadership provides an opportunity to assist those around you while being able to better yourself,” he said. Joseph wants to be remembered as someone who always left it all there and never settled for anything less than their best.