Lady Reds Proudly Defeat Berthoud

The girls tennis team makes a comeback after losing to Berthoud the year prior


The Lady Reds tennis team fought hard to claim their victory over Berthoud with a score of 7-5. 

On Tuesday, April 19, Aubrey Ledall (23) dominated the match, winning her first set 6-0 and her second set 6-2, setting the tone for the other singles matches.

Emily Brisendine (23) won her first set 7-6, but the success was short-lived. She lost the second set by a small margin of 6-4. She then lost her third set 6-3.

Jayden Kuskie (23) was the final singles match of the night, and she again won the first set 7-5. The second set was another close one with a score of 6-4, and Kuskie unfortunately lost. The third set was another loss for her with a score of 6-2.

The four doubles teams were much more successful against Berthoud. Mariah Noonan (24) and Zoie Floryance (24) took a 6-3 win in the first set and then slowed down with a 6-3 loss in the second. The third set was a battle and ended in a win in the third set with a score of 7-5. 

The next Lady Reds doubles team was Taylor Bradshaw (22) and Kallie Salberg (24), and they had a tough matchup. They lost the first set substantially with a score of 6-2, but that didn’t stop them. They won the next two sets with scores of 7-5 and 6-4. 

Bradshaw said, “last year they beat us in the regular season and at state, and it felt so good to beat them today because we were always better than them and we finally got to prove it.”

Abby Copeland (23) and Tiana McDaniel (23) won the first and second set. They won 6-3 in the first set and 6-4 in the second set.

The final doubles team of Tayla Wiedeman (24) and Shelby Shuman (23) also made quick work of their opponents. They took the first set 6-0 and finished the match with a win in the second set, scoring 6-3.

Coach Mike Brisendine said, “We lost to Berthoud last year 6-1 […] and we turned around and beat them today. Everyone could work on their mental game. You have to stay jacked up all the time in tennis and you can’t let a couple points get you down.”