Eaton High School’s After Prom has a lot planned for the students

After Prom allows students to have fun and chill after the formal dance


This year’s After Prom committee has worked hard on making this event fun for all the students that attend. It appeals to students who aren’t necessarily drawn to the fancy affair of prom and students who want to have some fun after prom too. It will be located at Eaton High School and students must enter through the main doors by the gym. The theme is Casino Royale and they will have Blackjack, Poker tables, and Craps. In addition, they will have several large inflatables and possibly a magician. There will be an obstacle course, hamster ball races, hungry hippo, and the cash cube. The Rebel Bar, filled with a variety of Rebel energy drinks, will be returning this year, as it was a big hit last year. Other drinks will be served too. 

This event is open to all Eaton High School juniors and seniors and the guests that they bring along. Unfortunately, student guests will not be eligible for the cash incentives. The doors open at 11:30 PM and will close at midnight. Any student who is not inside the building or in line to enter at or after midnight will not be able to enter the building. If a student leaves early, they will not be able to be readmitted into the building. It’s recommended to dress casually for this event so bring a change of clothes or change beforehand.

Crystal Hoffner, the After Prom Committee Chairman said, “I really want to get the details to the students. I want to emphasize that it is for all students, not dressy, just fun.” After Prom is meant to be a fun event for all students that attend and to ensure the safety of the students on Prom night while still having fun.

There will be many prizes for the raffle drawing, prizes for the casino games, and Pony Races. If students stay until the end and check out, they will receive a cash incentive. Juniors will get $20 and seniors will get $40. 

After Prom this year has many activities for students to enjoy and will make Prom night that much better. Students will be able to make memories with their friends, win money and prizes, and most importantly have fun.