EHS Club Feature: Student Council


Emily Hogsett, Feature Editor

Student Council, also known as StuCo, is a student organization open to any students at EHS who want to help make a difference or bring change in their school.  Student Council is built by students at EHS who want to be a voice in their school for their classmates.  It is a way for the students of EHS to use their thoughts and opinions to bring change.  StuCo is sponsored by social studies teacher Andrew Jorgensen.  

“Our mission is to incorporate and be representative for a connection between the student body and admin.  [To be] a student voice and to incorporate as many students as we can in activities,” said Jorgensen.  This is Jorgensen’s first year being the solo sponsor for Eaton High School’s StuCo, but he has been a co-sponsor for the past three years.  

StuCo puts on dances, pep assemblies, and other fun activities for the students of EHS.  Recently, StuCo had their elections for offices.  Next year, Ashleigh Williams (23) will be StuCo president and Abby Barger (23) will be vice president.  The senior class president will be Grant Hernandez (23) and the senior class vice president will be Trent Salberg (23).

Williams said, “I joined StuCo my freshman year of high school, and I joined because I didn’t get the chance to be in StuCo in middle school.  I wanted to be the student body president because I’ve been in StuCo all of high school, and I know how it works, but I also wanted influence in the school and this was the perfect opportunity.”

As the 2021-2022 school year is coming to an end, StuCo is hoping to bring more changes to EHS as it starts a new era in the new building.  “We are trying to make more inclusive events,” Jorgensen said.  “Next year, we want to do more things like the movie night. Stuff that more students can come to that is inclusive and more games and activities.”

StuCo has given many students the opportunity to bring change and be involved in EHS.  As EHS moves to the new building, they are hoping to have an even larger impact.  “StuCo has always been seen as the club that does dances, but we want to be more than just that.  I think next year we can implant that the students have a voice and can share their ideas with us and that students have the most impact in the school,” Williams said.