CSU Men’s Basketball is going dancing

After nine years the team makes it back into March Madness

Since 2013, Colorado State University’s Men’s Basketball hasn’t played in the NCAA tournament, after near misses in 2015, 2017, and 2021. At the moment, CSU is ranked 24th nationally and has the highest seeding in their school history at number six seed. On Mar. 13 the team’s coach, Niko Medved, committed through the years 2028 and 2029. Through the regular season, the team’s highest scoring game was 109 to 80 over Oral Roberts on Nov. 9, 2021. CSU is 25-5 and second in the Mountain West Conference after losing to San Diego State, 63-58 on Mar. 11. The first round of the NCAA Tournament for CSU is on Thursday Mar. 17, at 10:15 AM against Michigan who is seeded 11. Alex Loyd (24), a student basketball player at Eaton said, “I think CSU will make it past the first round of 64, then lose in the round of 32. It is very impressive to see them in the tournament though, because they haven’t been there in years. Their coach has made a strong program and is looking to continue it as he signed a contract extension right after they made the tournament. Seeing CSU in the tournament is pretty remarkable.” 

In most of CSU’s games, their strategy is to make it past the first half and win in the last two minutes of the game, giving their audience a thrilling time. In the game against Boise State on Mar. 5, CSU won in the last six seconds of the game. The end score was 71-68, making them first in the Mountain Western Conference. Peyton Walker (24) said, “Since the coach is new, I thought that the team going this year was pretty crazy and that he will be a good coach. I think they can go pretty far, maybe to the sweet sixteen, but they have a tough matchup for their first round.” The “star player” of the CSU men’s team is a junior named David Roddy. Roddy has been at CSU since his freshman year, the same year that Niko Medved joined. He is loved all across the school and averages about 19.4 points per game. His position is a forward at 6’6”, weighing in at 255 lbs. At the Boise State vs. CSU game on Mar. 5, Roddy scored 26 points total. Overall, the team has made it very far compared to previous years, and the next game on Mar. 17th will be one to look forward to.