Senior Spotlight: Brooke Beacom


Brooke Beacom (22) plans to continue her academic career at either CU Boulder, The University of Nebraska Lincoln, or Texas A&M University after she graduates. She will major in Biological Sciences and receive a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degree. Her goal is to obtain an Orthodontics Certificate and become an orthodontist.

Within EHS, Beacom is the Vice President of National Honors Society and a former member of the state champion softball team. She also works at American Eagle and plans to coach a little league softball team this spring. As a leader at Eaton High School, Beacom is an example for her peers to follow. “As a leader it is significant to show genuine care for other people in my school. Although being confident seems to be the most obvious characteristic of a leader to most people, caring for your fellow peers and even just asking how their day is creates great relationships that are necessary for being recognized as a leader,” said Beacom. Noteworthiness and legacy supplement each other perfectly, and to Beacom, the most important word in the EATON acronym is noteworthiness.

Beacom said, “The most important part of the EATON acronym is noteworthiness. It is so important to demonstrate the extraordinary and exceptional characteristics that everyone possesses. I hope to leave a good impression on every teacher, staff member, and student I have interacted with during the past four years, and plan to continue being noteworthy in college and my career.” Beacom’s legacy, along with the class of 2022’s legacy will be remembered by EHS and it’s community.