Eaton introduces two new coffee shops in town

Ziggis and Scooters coffee are being opened for business in the Spring


Hunter Tomlinson

Scooters continues construction

To most of the town’s surprise, Eaton has decided to build two new drive-thru coffee shops less than a half-mile from each other. The first one is called Ziggi’s Coffee, residing on the corner of Colorado Parkway and Elm Street, which is near the Circle K and the Dollar General. The second shop is called Scooter’s Coffee, which is located just east of the Heritage Market parking lot. Both of these coffee shops have the same premise: they are both drive-thrus only, serve coffee and blended drinks, and make light meals. Considering Eaton’s growing size every year, the addition of these two coffee shops might be beneficial for the community. Both are being constructed currently and should be done around the same time in the spring.

Ziggi’s coffee started as a small coffee shop in Longmont, Colorado, in 2004 and has since grown and expanded across the U.S. The construction company Epic West Construction is responsible for building Ziggi’s Coffee. Chad Matthews, the president of Epic West Construction said, “We started construction on Dec. 15 and plan to finish at the end of March. Supply chain issues with the energy company have set us back but other than that working in Eaton has been a good experience.” Building an establishment in such a small town can have its ups and downs.

On the other hand, Scooter’s Coffee found its success in Bellevue, Nebraska, and has over 250 locations in 14 different states. After developing a couple of locations in Colorado, Scooter’s Coffee decided to add a location in Eaton, Colorado, as well. 

Other than these two businesses coming to town, Eaton currently has a local coffee shop called Coffeehouse Ten24, which is well-known by the community and has been open for about three years. Recently, they have hosted the 2022 Poetry Out Loud competition as well as other events such as baby showers, Christmas parties, fundraisers, and other events for the community. The history of this local business is very unique and special. Doris Meeker, the owner of Coffeehouse Ten24 said, “The coffeehouse was born out of a desire to show the love of Jesus to the people in Eaton and the surrounding area. I wanted it to be a gathering place for the community where we could come together to encourage each other and do good things for the community.” Meeker took her own interests and wanted to share them with the community through this coffeehouse. The name of the coffeehouse comes from Hebrews 10:24 in the Bible that says, “Let us consider how to stir up one another to love good deeds.” Meeker and four other people were able to come together and build this business from the ground up, which makes it that much more special.

When asked about her opinion on the new coffee shops coming to town in the interview, Meeker mentions, “We welcome the new drive-thru coffee places. New businesses are good for Eaton.” It is very important to support similar businesses, especially in a town of Eaton’s size. The community is very excited about these new coffee shops coming to town and they should be a great addition to the town.