The Lady Reds made a splash in 2021-2022 season

Eaton girls swim team ends the season with six at state

The 2021-2022 season went great for the Lady Reds with six girls that went to state. The first meet of the season was hosted in Estes Park on Dec. 4, 2021, against Thompson Valley, Estes Park, and Skyline High School. Eaton placed second overall with 223 points and close finishes. In the 50 Free Lexi Bruntz (22) placed third, Dharma Perkins (25) placed fourth, and Caitlin Morgan (23) placed fifth. C. Morgan said, “The season was super fun and I already miss it. As a team, we did much better than we ever have and I’m so proud of everyone.” After the first meet, the girls competed in their second meet in their home pool against Frederick High School. Eaton collected a big win with 113 points, leaving Frederick with 67 points. In the 50 Free Perkins placed first, Aedy Barclay (24) placed fifth, and Avril Rodriguez (23) placed seventh. In the 100 Free, Bruntz placed first and not far behind, Barclay placed sixth. In the 100 Breast, C. Morgan took first and Kaiya Sinkler (23) took fourth. On Dec. 9, in the home pool of Eaton, the girls crushed the tri-competition of Estes Park, Holyoke, and Valley High School. The girls won with a total of 87 points and Estes Park in second with only 47 points. In the 50 Free, Perkins placed second and Sinkler placed third. Bruntz placed first in the 100 Free and in the 200 Free. C. Morgan placed first in the 100 Breast and in the 100 Back. Sophie Morgan (25) also placed first in the 200 Individual Medley.

The next meet was the Patriot League Relays in Fort Collins, which ended with Eaton in second place with 402 points. In the 200 Free Relay, Eaton placed first and in the 400 Free Relay, Eaton placed second. Eaton’s 200 Medley Relay placed fourth out of the 10 teams. The following meet, the Keith Weideman Invitational, was a bit more challenging as it was a multi-team meet, which ended in Eaton placing fifth with 244 points. The meet was held in Greeley and consisted of nine teams. In the 100 Free, Bruntz placed third, and in the 100 Breast, C. Morgan placed third. C. Morgan also placed fifth in the 200 Individual Medley out of 15 girls. The number of girls that placed was excellent, as the 50 Free event had 67 girls competing. Three days later, the Lady Reds had a much more calm meet in their home pool, crushing Skyline High School. The score was 111 to 68 points, with Perkins in first and Sinkler in second for the 50 Free. C. Morgan placed first in the 100 Free and Bruntz in first for the 100 Back. In the 100 Fly, Perkins was in first and S. Morgan followed in second. The iconic sister duo, C. Morgan and S. Morgan, won first and second in the 100 Breast as well. Bruntz also took a win in the 200 Free and all three of Eaton’s relay teams took first too. A week later, at Berthoud High School, the Lady Reds took a small loss, only 13 points behind. In the 50 Free, Perkins took second place and in the 100 Free Bruntz took first. In the 100 Breast, C. Morgan took first and S. Morgan took second. C. Morgan also took first in the 200 Individual Medley with S. Morgan in second.

The next meet was a multi-team meet, but it was at home. Eaton took first with 93 points against Mountain View and Valley High School. Perkins took second again in the 50 Free and Bruntz also took second in the 100 Free. C. Morgan took first in the 100 Back and the 200 Free. Perkins took first in the 100 Fly and Bruntz also took first in the 100 Breast. This meet was overflowing with first places by Eaton, which was the road to their victory. The following meet, Eaton took second to Liberty Commons at another multi-team competition in Estes Park. In the 100 Fly, S. Morgan took first, and following her was Perkins in second. In the 100 Breast, C. Morgan took second and S. Morgan took third. S. Morgan said, “I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better season coming in as a freshman. The upperclassmen made it so fun. The season itself was successful with all of our dual wins, conference placing, and going to state.” Eaton again took second at their following meet, the Patriot League Championship Finals. Bruntz took second place in the 100 Free and S. Morgan took fifth in the 100 Fly. C. Morgan took first in the 100 Breast and S. Morgan followed her in second. At this meet, Bruntz, C. Morgan, S. Morgan, Sinkler, Perkins, and Maddux Chapman (25) qualified for state championships. State followed, with Eaton totaling 93 points in 14th place out of 32 teams.  C. Morgan placed eighth in the finals of the Women’s 100 Yard Breaststroke and 14th in the Women’s 200 Yard Individual Medley.  Eaton’s Women’s 200 Yard Freestyle Relay team consisted of Perkins, Bruntz, C. Morgan, and S. Morgan tied with Berthoud High School in eighth place. In the 100 Free, Bruntz received 15th place and in the 50 Free, she was in 13th place. She said, “State was so much fun this year and all of us went out there giving it our all.” Overall, state was a hard and strong competition, but the Lady Reds went out there and did their best. The small team accomplished so much, even with a majority of new freshmen. In the end, the 2021-2022 season was quite a success with how many freshmen went to state, which leaves next year to look forward to.