After two years, Eaton High School brings back enrichment

Enrichment finally returns for Eaton High School students

After two years, Eaton High School brings back enrichment

Enrichment classes at Eaton High School have been gone for almost two years but the school has finally decided to bring these classes back into action. Because of the pandemic starting back in 2020, enrichment had been on hold since then. Students and teachers were sad to see it go but are now excited to have it back in the second semester of the 2021-2022 year.

Micheal Howard (22) says, “My enrichment class is the modern military analysis, and I personally find the class very interesting as it allows for us to look at modern militaries in-depth with their training, equipment, branches, etc.” Howard was able to find an enrichment class based on his own interests and hobbies with a military-oriented class. Thanks to enrichment some teachers are able to present their personal hobbies to students. It creates something interesting in-between classes on white days instead of the same old advising class every day.

Enrichment provides a wide variety of classes for students to choose from. There is usually something for everybody. Some include fly tying with Mr. Lemon, gaming period with Mr. Corbett, video production with Mrs. Hixon, and much more. The more school-oriented classes include math study hall with Mr. Weigle, modern military analysis with Mr. Jorgenson, and math games with Mrs. Duncan. These classes allow students to engage in certain activities that help them in certain subjects in school, allow them to enjoy their personal hobbies, or even learn something new.

Like all things, people are bound to dislike or disagree with certain things. Some students at Eaton High School dislike enrichment in general. Karson Chadwick (22) thinks this way. “I think enrichment is dumb; I just think it’s another thing the school doesn’t really need right now. Advising brought enough for the school. If anything there should be a choice” Chadwick said. Although enrichment adds some spice into the school day, some students dislike the addition of it because sometimes it can be too much.

All in all, enrichment has seen mostly positive feedback from students and has added more action in the school day, but it has seen some negativity from some students.