Morp was the second dance of this school year, and it was an amazing time for many. Since the beginning of Covid-19, Eaton High School students have been deprived of many school dances, but this year students had the opportunity to attend Morp. Morp is Prom backwards, which usually means students are wearing casual clothes, but this year, the 1950s Grease Lightning theme changed that. Adding a theme to a school dance usually makes it a bit more fun because it gives students opportunities to express themselves and have some fun dressing up with their peers.  Charlotte Reynolds (22) said, “I’m a very good dancer I would say, so I really felt like I brought life to the party.” Reynolds was very enthusiastic about this year’s theme and had high expectations, which were met with great music and energy from other students. Senior Class President Michael Howard (22) said,“I think Morp went pretty well, we had a good amount of people show up, and it looked like a lot of people had fun. It was unfortunate that it ended earlier than planned, but I think everyone had a good time.” Howard loves getting involved in school activities, and it’s safe to say that Morp has been an event to remember. Howard also has some responsibility when it comes to getting involved, so with the dance ending earlier than planned, it gives Howard motivation to ensure other school dances go as planned. Dimitrius Reyes (22) said, “Pretty fantastic experience overall.” As a senior, it’s refreshing to have a normal school dance rather than dealing with the restrictions of Covid-19. Morp was a great stress relief for many students, and also allows them to have fun and interact with others in a fun environment. Now that Morp is over, students are beginning to look forward to Prom next.